About Compassionate Capitalism Elderly Care

The fulfilment of the special needs and requirements that is unique to senior citizens is known as Elderly Care. This strongly recommends tailored solutions for the society’s elderly yet in the bulk of the developing world, there is no uniqueness to the approach given to the lives of senior citizens.

The elderly in most developing countries are sent to the villages upon attaining senior citizenship where they are supposedly cared for by untrained and unwilling maids in the villages. There are no enforced legal protections, their pensions and gratuity are embezzled or non-existent and society practically just waits for them to die.

Elderly Care is a pillar in Compassionate Capitalism because scriptures admonish that we honour our fathers and mothers so our days will be long and it shall be well with us. Elderly Care is directed by the development rankings and bridges this all-important development gap through access to knowledge and information as well as innovative solutions that increase access to health and post-retirement benefits for senior citizens.